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Ants, like bees and wasps, are social insects. Their colonies can consist of a few members, or it can consist of thousands, creating an evolved caste system. Ants have colonized nearly every continent on Earth. Their success comes from their ability to colonize, adapt when necessary, co-exist with certain species, and defend themselves. There are many different species of ants, all of which range in size, shape, color, and colonizing technique. Certain species of ants can be seen as beneficial to humans while other maybe seen as nuisances due to infestations in buildings or homes, and structural damages cause by these infestations. Most ants are "generalist predators" meaning they adapt to the food sources most prevalent to their environment.

Partners Pest Control has a number of ant pest control products. If you'd like to skip the work of picking out the necessary products, we have gone to the trouble of assembling an ant control kit, which includes sprays, bait gel, dusters and a selection of other products, for easy and comprehensive ant control in any situation.

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