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Moths can be seen as most closely relating to butterflies. Moths are usually nocturnal, although there are certain species that are active during the daytime. Moths and their caterpillar larvae can be seen as major nuisances through the agricultural world. An example of this can be seen in the caterpillars of the Gypsy Moth which destroys forests in the Northeast U.S. where it can be seen as a type of invasive species. Certain types of moths are seen as pests because the feed off linens and other types of clothes or blankets. Some reports suggest that moths can be repelled by certain scents produced by wood, specifically cedar and juniper; however this will not prevent or eliminate an infestation, and you will need some special moth control products to fight it.

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Pest management is always cheaper than remediation.

Pest control and lawn fertilization go hand-in-hand.

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