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There are more than 1500 species of scorpion world wide. About ninety species are native to the United States. Scorpions are a nocturnal pest and spend most of their day hiding under rocks and logs. Certain species have been known to dig burrows and hide within them. Scorpions possess a crab-like appearance with two pinchers, four pairs of legs, and long tail with a sting on the end. This tail is segmented and rises above the scorpions back when ready to attack. Most common scorpions will grow to be between 2 and 3 inches. Some of the largest scorpions can grow up to 8 inches – Not in North America! Scorpions prefer warmer climates but have been known to adapt to a wide variety of environments. Scorpions possess venom which is delivered through their stinger. This venom is used to defend as well as to incapacitate their prey. Most scorpion venom is not harmful to humans however there are certain species which can produce harmful venom. The most poisonous scorpion located in the U.S. is the Bark Scorpion and is indigenous to the West Coast, Arizona specifically.

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