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There are thousands of different types of spiders throughout the world. All of these species have eight legs and no ears. They hear through the process of feeling sound vibration through tiny hairs on their legs. On average a spider lives for one year, however certain species such as the Tarantula can live much longer. Spiders can vary greatly in shape, size and texture, although there are spider control products that are effective for almost all spider species. They reside in a large variety of habitats such as water, gardens, houses, and underground. Most spiders are carnivorous, preying on other spiders and insects. There are larger species which will take lizards and small birds as well. Spiders can capture their prey by spinning sticky webs, mimicking their prey, or actually running it down. Spiders possess venom that they use to help incapacitate their prey once it is captured. The degree of danger this venom possesses towards humans varies directly with the species of spider.

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